Friday, April 16, 2010

Flame Tulips

This has nothing to do with clay and beads, although I do get inspiration from nature. The flowers here this spring are so fabulous! The flowering trees are gorgeous, the tulips have never been so full and vibrant with color. Last night my mom, friend and I went to Franklin Park Conservatory where, on Thursdays, they host "Cocktails at the Conservatory". The weather was more like late June, and the tulips lining the path to the conservatory had all their petals open to the sun. The air was redolent with spicy perfume from some kind of flowering bushes. One of the patios has a large display of Chihuly globes with lights inside, and as the sun went down they glowed with color. What a wonderful spring we are having, such a treat after the long, very cold winter with so much snow. I think the flowers liked that period of cold, and have burst into bloom to celebrate spring!

Here is a picture of some flame red tulips that are blooming along my driveway.

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