Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowy Trees

Sunday, my boss at work had a pizza party for us at a park shelter.  It snowed that morning and I wasn't certain if I wanted to drive in it.  Well the snow stopped in time and the roads looked clear, so I went.  It was the most beautiful drive.  The snow was heavy and wet and clung to the trees, to make the most magnificent winter wonderland.  70 people were supposed to be at the party, and 5 people plus 4 children actually attended!  My poor supervisor sprang for 25 pizzas, salad and desserts.

Anyway, the snow on the trees inspired these snowy tree pendants.  Aren't they lovely?  For sale on Etsy.


chocoholic said...

These are oh so nice- remind me of the song "Let it snow". Your work is still on my favorites list!!
Have a nice day.

Higgins Design Studio said...

Gorgeous! They bring winter chills to me, just looking at them.
Did your boss let everyone take home left-over pizza?

Shaterra Clay said...

Yes, she offered me 3 pizzas but I only took 2...good thing, I could barely fit those in the fridge. Later I thought I should have taken several down to the homeless shelter. Thought of it too late. We are having Jan and Feb weather in Dec. Looks like a long winter ahead...but that makes spring all the sweeter!

Carol B said...

Those are beautiful!