Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Idea - Wire Wrapped Leaf Earrings

Here is another project idea with free instructions.
You will need
2 ceramic leaf texture beads
2 antique brass leaf charms
22g antique brass wire
4 fluted metal beads (Hobby Lobby)
2 ear wires
2 hammered ant brass loop connectors (Hobby Lobby)
needle nose pliers
wire cutters
plastic jaw pliers
round nose pliers

Cut 2 12" pieces of wire and add a leaf charm, bend wire in half.
Twist the wire to secure the leaf.

Twist one wire around the side of the connector, up through top loop; add ear wire and make a wrapped loop using round nose pliers
Use the extra wire to make a spiral at the top with the plastic jaw pliers.

Thread a metal bead, ceramic bead, and metal bead on the other wire.  Wrap it aroung the top of the connector, and then down around the side, ending at the bottom.  Make another spiral at the bottom with the extra wire.  Repeat for second earring.


Helen said...

Nice work, Sharleen! Your blog is great. Hope all is well.

Shaterra Clay said...

Thanks, nice to hear from you. I'm working on a $400 wholesale order!

Dina @TheseNotions said...

New follower! LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!

Shaterra Clay said...

Thank you Dina!