Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Kiln is Fixed

Hooray, my kiln is fixed. The men at Orton are so nice. I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about buying a kiln with a controller....get an Orton controller! Their company is right here in Columbus/Westerville. Several people there also bought pendants from me!

Here are a few of my new things I just took out of the kiln yesterday.

I am still waiting for the weather to break out of the clutches of winter. We had 14" of snow here and it has been much colder than normal all winter. My fish are under layers of ice and have been all winter. I hope they are all right.

Working with the bright colors of the glazes helps lift the winter blues.


Summer said...

I'm glad your kiln is fixed:) Pretty pieces! I've always thought it would be cool to have a koi pond, but it gets so cold here in West Michigan that I don't think they'd survive. I hope yours are OK!

Shaterra Clay said...

I've had them here for 21 years. About 15 years ago we had an awful winter with temps dipping well below zero several days in a row. About half of my fish died. Other losing a few to old age, that was the most major thing that happened to them, until this past summer. Suddenly the fish started disappearing and the ones in the pond were acting frantic. I couldn't figure out what was happening, until one day I walked out the front door and a very large bird flew off of the roof. I only caught a glance of it, but I think it was a heron. Helping himself to an easy lunch in my pond. I left for vacation 2 days later and figured all my fish would be gone when I got back. But I must have scared the bird away. He got about half of them, and my favorite with a beautiful wavy tail and white/orange color was a victim. One other time I work in the middle of the night to my dogs barking. I looked out the front window and saw an animal in the pond, at first I thought it was a cat, but when I turned on the light I saw that it was a racoon. He was also "fishing" in the pond. I solved that problem by putting out dog food for him every night until he left one day for parts unknown!