Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wire Wrapped Dragonfly Ceramic Donuts

Ceramic donuts are fun to wire wrap!
I love the glaze combo on this brown, green, gold and
black donut.  The brass looks great with it.
It also looks great with wood. I wire
wrapped with 22g square antique brass
Para wire.

On this one I used 2 wires together, one round and
one square. I made the bail first,
then started wrapping.  Grab the wire
with needle nose pliers and turn the
pliers to make the notches in the wire
This also tightens and secures the wire.

This donut has a large opening. Just add a hammered wire pin
 to make a great shawl pin.  Then it can be worn
as either a pin or a pendant, with the bail at the top.
I got the wonderful brass dragonflies on Etsy.


Plastusia said...

Beautiful!! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are all very beautiful! You are very talented :)

Shaterra Clay said...

Thanks ladies!

CrippleHorse said...

Amazing idea!!
I was always kind of hesitant with the donut shape, a wonderful idea to get me started with them!!