Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hooter Challenge: THE OWL

The Owl

 Moon raker
prey taker
hunter of the night.
In his nest
he takes his rest
hidden from the light.

Moon glider
star rider
stalker of my dreams.
He is wise
and in his eyes
cosmic magic gleams.

-Sharleen Newland   

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My fellow bead maker Marla has started a new blog/facebook page called Artisan Whimsy. There is currently a contest going on over at the blog for "best owl". Well what the heck, I thought I would enter it. This design was hand carved into a lino sheet, then I roll the clay over the texture and cut out the pendant. The pendant was inspired by this poem I wrote.


Jean A. Wells said...

That owl is adorable. One of the best entered.

Grace said...

I love this owl - do you still have it in your shop? He's gorgeous!

Shaterra Clay said...

I have a similar one I am about to list. Thanks Grace and Jean.

Linda said...

This is a wonderful owl, Sharleen! Ad I loved your poem--I even read it aloud to my husband!

Shaterra Clay said...

Thank you!